Medicinska Škola Ante Kuzmanića Zadar



Ante Kuzmanić Medical School Zadar joined the project "BREATH - A European Collaborative and Innovative Partnership to Promote Physical Activity for Patients with Chronic Respiratory Conditions"!

In addition to our teachers, the University of Zadar, the University of Opole from Poland, the University of Klapedia from Lithuania, the Atlantic University from Portugal, the University of Cadiz from Spain and the International Institution for Education and Training Pixel from Italy are also involved in the project.

The motivation for the project is based on data showing that chronic respiratory diseases are on the rise and that they are the main causes of health burden and death worldwide. In addition, the total costs of respiratory diseases in the 28 EU countries alone amount to more than 380 billion euros per year. As the disease progresses, complications can become more frequent and complex. Current evidence suggests that physical activity and long-term rehabilitation should be recommended for patients with chronic respiratory conditions as physical activity improves health outcomes.

The goals of the project are the development of rehabilitation programs and plans, improvement of student training, postgraduate training, improvement of patient education, education of patients' families, improvement of patients' quality of life, but also comparison of participating countries taking into account epidemiology, organization of the National Health Service, management, rehabilitation paths and rehabilitation structures to confirm the development of physical activity programs for patients with respiratory impairment and local unmet needs. In addition, the project objectives include the creation of a database of good practices for promoting physical activity factors and the development of an e-learning platform for health and physical activity/sport professionals to help them organize physical activities with patients suffering from respiratory disorders and digital eLearning platforms. The project started in November 2022 and will last until the end of October 2025.

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Author: MŠAKZ