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 April 28, 2021, 5:42 p.m. |   Zanimljiva događanja

On Friday, April 23, in the Croatian language class in the 4th c grade in the morning shift, we marked "Book Night" via a special online program, an event dedicated to books and reading that is held throughout Croatia on that day with the aim of encouraging reading culture.

As the theme of this year's "Book Night" was Books as Medicine, students and their teacher Anja Gligora read excerpts and shared their impressions of books and poems that left a special impression on them, that "cured" them, encouraged understanding, re-examination. and thinking.

Antonija Kuštera's student spoke about Cesarić's song "Return", Petra Čavić about the novel "Return of Filip Latinovicz", Matej Gospić about "Antigone", Laura Drlja about Robin Sharma's novel "Who will shed tears when you are gone?", And Kristina A box about Cesarić's "Song of a Dead Poet". Professor Gligora read a farewell letter from G. G. Marquez and expressed her opinion on the text.

In honor of the 4th c grade students who are finishing their schooling this year, librarian Tanja Serdarević read a poem by Halil Džubran "Your children are not your children".

We ended an interesting and relaxed gathering by solving an online quiz about famous Croatian and foreign writers and their works. The quiz was won by Antonio Škara, who answered all the questions correctly. The second place was won by the student Kristina Kutija, and the third by Tonka Brala.

The celebration of "Book Night" was initiated by librarian Tanja Serdarević, and was organized by professor Anja Gligora.

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