Medicinska Škola Ante Kuzmanića Zadar

Intercounty competition "WorldSkills" - results

 March 12, 2023, 8:33 p.m. |   Novosti

On March 10, 2023, the Inter-county competition "WorldSkills" was held in our school in the field of Health Care. The main purpose of the WorldSkills competition is the promotion of vocational education, the attractiveness of vocational occupations and the excellence of vocational education. The competition was attended by candidates from seven schools in Croatia where students are trained to become general care nurses/general care medical technicians: Medical School Dubrovnik, Medical School Rijeka, Medical School Šibenik, Medical School Karlovac, Health School Split, Medical School Pula and Ante Kuzmanić Medical School-Zadar. The competition program started with a welcome speech by the director Anita Basioli, who emphasized the importance of nurses' education and their role in the community. Welcome speeches were given by Ivan Šimunić, professor and head of the Administrative Department for Education, Culture and Sports, and Sonja Šare, president of the Judging Committee of the WorldSkills 2023 competition. Students Lucija Mikulić and Marta Marija Marušić performed an appropriate musical program. The competition was supervised and evaluated by the Judging Committee composed of: Petar Karaga, Suzan Badžok and Sonja Šare. The implementation of the competition was monitored by Đurđica Stanešić, a member of the state committee of the WorldSkills competition. The organizing committee consisting of Anita Basioli, Verica Elveđi, Ljiljana Grginović, Josipa Bačić, Anita Raljević Špralja and Tanja Serdarević ensured the quality performance of the competition in the professional and cultural part. The first place was won by Gabrijela Pataran, a student of the fourth grade of our school under the mentorship of Rejla Zuban,

Congratulations to all participants and mentors for the skills they demonstrated during the competition.

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